In a Divorce, Who Gets The Dog?

In a Divorce, Who Gets The Dog?

Divorce is hard on every single member of the family, including our furry family members. Increasingly, people decide to share custody of their dogs after a separation or divorce. However, sometimes a divorce is so contentious that this becomes impossible. In that case, how do you decide who gets the dog? Learn more about therapy for divorce Deciding Details After...[ read more ]

How to Become a Mindful Couple and Enjoy a Peaceful Relationship

mindful couples

When someone first starts to explore the concept of mindfulness, they find a lot of information related to meditation. While that's one aspect or tool for mindfulness, the concept is much broader. It's about bringing awareness to the present moment without bringing judgment to it. So, even though a lot of mindfulness work is done individually, you can also bring...[ read more ]

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