14 Self Care Tips That Might Improve Your Wellbeing

14 Self Care Tips That Might Improve Your Wellbeing

14 Self Care Tips That Might Improve Your Wellbeing

Self-care is a buzzword and we have to be careful how we use it. All too often, self care habits can feel like just another overwhelming thing on a long to-do list. However, we can improve our lives when we carefully choose the self care tips that actually align with our values as well as our current needs.

Self Care Tips that Make Good Habits

One of the ways that we can improve our lives overall is to set up habits and routines that support our wellness. Of course, we need to have some flexibility because life will throw us curveballs. We’ll get off kilter from our routines sometimes. But, if we have a general set of habits that we incorporate into our lives, we often benefit. So, we’ve chosen self care tips here that you might want to incorporate into your daily routines.

14 Self Care Tips To Support Your Wellbeing

Choose the ones that sound like they’ll work best for you. Self care isn’t about doing a list of “right things.” Instead, it’s about figuring out what is best for you then giving yourself the opportunity to prioritize the things that feel good.

1. Sleep Hygiene

sleep hygiene for self care

When we don’t get good, quality sleep on a regular basis, we suffer. Our mental health and physical health both feel the toll. It’s worth it to figure out the sleep routine that works for you. It’s different for everyone but some common helpful tips include reducing screen time, dimming lights in the hours before bed, limiting alcohol and caffeine consumption, taking a warm bath at night, and journaling to get the ruminating thoughts out of your mind.

2.  Support System

support system for self care

Your support system is one of the most important things in your life. Who does it consist of? Remember that different people help you in different ways. Your best friend / partner/ sibling might be great for almost everything but unhelpful in specific areas of life. Likewise, an acquaintance can be a surprising support in certain areas. And professional support counts too! Identify all of the people who help you and how they help. Then, reach out for that help when you need them.

3. Joyful Activities List

self care tips

Sometimes it’s really helpful to maintain a list of the things that give you joy. That way, when you have a few spare minutes, or you’re not sure what you want to do next, you can just glance at the list and pick something.

4. Massage / Energy Work

self care tips - massage and energy work

Spa dates with yourself aren’t the only form of self-care, However, they can be a great tool in the toolbox. Remember that if you don’t feel comfortable with touch, you can use sound healing and energy work instead. Self-massage is another option. Do what’s right for you.

5. Hands-On Hobbies

hobbies are good for your health

Research indicates that staying busy with our hands is a wonderful way to reduce stress, stop a ruminating brain, and build self-esteem as we do something we love. Knitting and sewing, cooking and baking, gardening, building model cars and fixing up real cars … these are just a few examples of healing hands-on hobbies. Find what you love and make time for it.

6. Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

The human brain has a negativity bias. In other words, we tend to focus on the bad and magnify it rather than noticing the good. We can shift this by reminding ourselves daily of the small and large things for which we are grateful.

7. Do Something That’s Been Nagging At You

complete a nagging task for self care

Most general self care tips offer quick fixes to feel good. Those are great, especially when they boost mood and help with emotional regulation. However, sometimes self care doesn’t feel good in the moment. Sometimes it’s all about doing something that your near-future self will be grateful for. So, if you have a task that’s been nagging at you for a long time, then set aside the time that you need and just do it!

8. Say No

self care tips - saying no

You don’t have to say yes to everything. Whether you’re a people pleaser or simply struggle to know how you truly want to spend your time, too many commitments can overwhelm you. Scale back. Say no. When you say no to something, you actually make space to say yes to the right thing!

9. Volunteer

volunteer to help others and yourself

Being of service to others helps most of us feel better. We stop focusing on our own problems and see how we can use our energy to improve the lives of others. In turn, our own lives improve. You can find small and large ways to help others and support causes that you care about.

10. Let a Plant Heal You

plants for self care

Did you know that keeping plants improves mental health? Treat yourself to a bouquet of cut flowers or a new plant for your backyard garden.

11. Write a Letter To Your Younger Self

write a letter to your younger self for self care

We didn’t always get the love and support that we needed as a child. Moreover, we’re often very hard on ourselves. Therefore, we can heal ourselves today by healing the younger self who suffered. Write a letter to them gently sharing kind wisdom.

12. Fresh Perspective

fresh perspective

Routines help us in so many ways. However, they can also lead us to be in a rut. Sometimes just changing a really small thing can make a big difference in our overall perspective.

13. Hydrate

hydrate for self care

Yes, we hear all of the time that we should drink more water. It’s one of the most common self care tips. And yet, we hear it so often that sometimes we forget how important it really is. Dehydration negatively impacts energy and mood, exacerbating mental health symptoms and making your day more challenging. So, drink water!

14. Make a Therapy Appointment

therapy is self care

Therapy helps people in all different stages of life. You don’t have to feel like you’re in crisis to benefit from therapy. Instead, you can go just as a form of ongoing self-care and personal growth. Check out our therapy services today and browse our therapist directory to see who you might want to work with on this journey.

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