Recent Bipolar Disorder Studies and Research

Recent Bipolar Disorder Studies and Research

There's always new information coming out about mental health. In this article, we'll go over a little bit of the history of bipolar disorder. Then we'll look at some of the most recent study findings about the condition. You can learn more about bipolar depression here. Are you seeking therapy for bipolar disorder? Learn more here about how therapy helps...[ read more ]

Understanding Bipolar Depression: 35 Books, Movies, and Podcasts

Understanding Bipolar Depression: Symptoms, Types, and Resources

Bipolar depression is one aspect of one type of mood disorder on the depression spectrum. There are also subtypes of bipolar disorder that include bipolar depression as a symptom. Let's go over the basics of what it is but also dig deeper into some things that you might want to know about living with bipolar depression. Scroll down for a...[ read more ]

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