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Conversations with Clinicians: Io Bones

Offerings, recommendations, inspirations from an Alumn Contact us to be Matched with a Therapist Neighborhood: Rockridge Orientation: Mindfulness-based, Somatic, Collaborative, Grounded in Compassion, Curiosity, and an Honest Exploration of the Present Moment Specialties: Relationship challenges in general, and alternative relationships in particular (open/poly/kink/LGBTQ). Other modalities that inform your work: Hakomi, Mindfulness, Movement & Dance, Emotionally Focused Therapy What is it...[ read more ]

Conversations with Clinicians: Olivia Fae Stadler

Offerings, recommendations, inspirations Contact Us to be Matched With a Therapist Neighborhood where you practice: Noe Valley (SF), Pacific Grove (Monterey) Therapeutic orientation: Somatic, Hakomi, Experiential, Gestalt, Attachment-based, Collaborative, Eclectic Specialties: Developmental trauma, spiritual growth, couples, kink/poly, families Other Modalities that Inform your work: Subtle Energy Medicine Loves working with with: Clients interested in mindfulness, who are curious about deepening...[ read more ]

Your Aging Parents and Depression: Part 2 – 9 Ways You Can Help

Aging parents and depression. What does this phrase mean to you? Hint: It’s not about how depressed we feel to watch our mother and father decline. Senior citizens often face late-onset depression. We must stay aware of this and be prepared to act. First, we must watch for some of the more common symptoms. Here are some examples: Decreased concentration...[ read more ]

Your Aging Parents and Depression: Part 1- Warning Signs to Watch For

What’s the fastest growing population in the world? If you guessed people over 65, you were right! As of now, 40 million Americans are over 65. By 2030, this population could reach 72 million. Your aging parents may be part of this senior citizen explosion. How much do we know about the mental health needs of older people? For one...[ read more ]

How Couples Counseling Can Help You Reconnect After Infidelity

Trying to reconnect after infidelity is a daunting task. But it may be a more common situation than you ever imagined. At least one in five adults have had an extramarital sexual experience. Thanks to couples counseling, however, many of those relationships have survived. And beyond survival, they have thrived as well. How do you, as a couple, define infidelity?...[ read more ]

How to Support Your Shy Teen

Is your teen bright, sweet, and kind of a loner? Do you want them to feel confident in speaking up for themselves and forging positive relationships, but you’re not sure how to talk with them about these topics? Parents of teenagers often feel like they don’t know how to connect and support their child. This developmental stage is a time...[ read more ]

New Year, Same Inner Critic: How to Manage

It’s that time of year again when many people have made promises to themselves. “I’m going to do more of this” or “less of that.” “I’m going to start this” or “stop that”. Even if you don’t make resolutions or set intentions, it is a natural time to pause and take inventory of the past year. As people around you...[ read more ]

Communication Problems? 5 Reasons Couples Stop Talking & How to Fix it

Misunderstandings and disagreements are inevitable and there is no shortage of potential communication problems. Studies show they are a primary reason couples agree to seek out marriage counseling. Some communication issues are painfully obvious, for example: The silent treatment Mockery or contempt Defensiveness Invalidating feelings Non-stop criticism These are the types of serious concerns and patterns that threaten relationships. Even...[ read more ]

Part 1: You feel pain. You’re a normal human.

Do you have trouble tolerating emotional discomfort? Over the course of this 3 part series, Felicia, a CMP clinician, will explore how this came to be and what can be done about it. In Part 1 you'll understand the importance of being with yourself, especially when you're hurting. Read Felicia's blog here. Felicia Keller Boyle loves working with clients to...[ read more ]

Why the Most Important Part of Caring For Your Aging Parents Is Your Self-Care

It may be a cliché. But it’s a very, very accurate cliché: One day, the child becomes the parent. That’s when all the rules get flipped. Your parents lost sleep caring for you. They spend inordinate amounts of money. If needed, they re-arranged their lives over and over. Now, the tables have turned and you suddenly have to learn about...[ read more ]