Phoenix L. Quetzal DeLeon

MA in Counseling Psychology, emphasis in Somatic Psychotherapy


Abigail Collins Thompson #94639

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A Little About Me

As a Somatic (body-oriented) Therapist, my approach to therapy is rooted in our embodied experiences. If you are feeling stuck, anxious, or overwhelmed, Somatic Therapy can be a valuable way to access change, healing and growth. My approach to therapy is also relational-cultural. That is, I share the belief that human connection, and the relationships you have with yourself, others and cultural influences, are inherent to this work. The external structures of society, culture, privilege/oppression, power, family dynamics, and more, are omnipresent, and often unconsciously internalized. There is great healing potential in acknowledging, assessing, and responding to these external and internalized influences in therapy, and as a clinician I value holding space for intersectional experiences. For me, compassion, dignity, and respect are at the heart of this work, and I consider therapy sessions to be sacred space where you can safely explore your inner landscape and any challenges you may face.

Before I became a Somatic Therapist, I was a teacher in a variety of contexts for over 25 years. I have also been a Certified Advanced Rolfer, Rolf Movement Practitioner, and Massage Therapist for many years, and I am a faculty member at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute. These experiences inform my practice as a Somatic Therapist, and allow me to bring a broad perspective to therapy. My specialities include supporting folks who struggle with anxiety, body image issues and recovery from trauma & PTSD. The work I do is based in social justice, liberation psychology, relational-cultural theory, Health at Every Size®, indigenous methodologies, and a wide variety of somatic practices.

If you are considering working with me, I believe that it is relevant for you to have a sense of me both professionally and personally. While I hold clear boundaries as a clinician, I also know that we are human, and you and I will relate as humans as we work together. I name some of my identities here to offer you a little more context around who I am. My identities include cisgender, woman of color, mixed race, queer, middle-aged, animist, recovered from disordered eating, daughter of a blended family with an immigrant parent, and trauma survivor. You are welcome to ask me about what I have written here, or other aspects of my identity in consultation or in session. If I am available to share more I will let you know, and we can discuss further in service of our work together.


Santa Clara, California 95051
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  • English
I Work With:
  • Adults
  • Highly Sensitive People
  • Immigrants/First Generation Americans
  • LGBTQI+ and Gender Expansive or Non-Binary
  • Marginalized Individuals
  • People of Color (POC)
  • Teens
  • Women
Types of Therapy I Do
  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Teen Therapy
My Areas of Focus
  • Anti-Racism /Impacts of White Supremacy
  • Anxiety
  • Cultural/Racial/Ethnic Identity Development
  • Eating Disorders
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Immigration and Acculturation Differences
  • PTSD
  • Relationship Issues
  • Relational Trauma
  • Self Esteem/Self Criticism
  • Social Justice
  • Trauma
  • Women's Issues
  • Perfectionism and People-pleasing
  • Family of Origin Challenges
  • Growth and Self Discovery
  • Boundaries
  • PTSD and Complex Trauma
  • Communication and Relationships
  • Food & Body Issues
  • Intergenerational Trauma
  • Complex Trauma / PTSD
My Treatment Approaches
  • Multicultural Counseling
  • Relational
  • Somatic
  • Transpersonal
  • Trauma Informed

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