What Should I Expect In My First Therapy Session?

What Should I Expect In My First Therapy Session?

Maybe you've never been to therapy before. Or perhaps you've never seen the type of therapist that you're about to see. It's normal to find yourself wondering what to expect. What happens in a first therapy session? Of course, each therapist and each client is different, so things can unfold in many different ways. However, we asked a few of...[ read more ]

Surprises in the Therapy Room

ca therapists Share Some Things That happen in therapy that might surprise you

Thankfully, therapy is increasingly destigmatized. More and more people understand the benefits, reap the rewards, and are open about their experiences. However, even if you've been to therapy before, you might be surprised to learn about some of the things that happen in the therapy room. We asked our therapists two questions related to this. We're here today to share...[ read more ]

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