988 Lifeline: What’s Working and What’s Not For Mental Health Crisis Callers

988 Lifeline: What's Working and What's Not For Mental Health Crisis Callers

It's been over a year since the nationwide launch of the 988 Lifeline as an alternative to calling 911 for mental health emergencies. Many reports indicate that there are good results in terms of awareness of the lifeline and use of it. However, many say that more awareness could be helpful. Moreover, some flaws have been identified that are important...[ read more ]

988 Mental Health Crisis Line: What You Need to Know

988 lifeline

There's a reason that we created the 911 system for emergencies. It's so that people in a crisis can easily dial for help without having to memorize some long number. But what about when you have a mental health crisis or you're looking for a suicide prevention hotline number? In other words, for the times we you need crisis help...[ read more ]

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