Shorter Days, But Busier Schedules? Self-Care and Boundaries for Winter and Holidays

winter blues and holiday boundaries and self care

Have you noticed that the daylight hours are shorter? It's funny how one day, and not usually on Daylight Savings Day interestingly enough but just on some random day, you suddenly notice the change in daylight. Night has been starting earlier and earlier for months in a gradual fashion but one day you look outside at 6 pm and suddenly...[ read more ]

Top 12 Affordable Self Care Ideas From California Therapists

top 12 affordable self-care ideas from CAlifornia therapists

Obviously, we think that therapy is a great way to take care of yourself. However, there are also many other things that you can incorporate into your self-care routine. Many of these things are free or affordable. The more of them you try, the more tools you might have to help you through life's challenges. Here are some of the...[ read more ]

Masks Are Off: Is This New Normal Working For You?

Masks Are Off: Is This New Normal Working For You?

Things are changing around us yet again in terms of living in a pandemic. San Francisco has dropped most of its mask mandates for now. People are making more plans, attending parties, going back to work in offices, and booking plane tickets. Even if you work in a restaurant or a hospital where you've had to go be amongst many...[ read more ]

14 Self Care Tips That Might Improve Your Wellbeing

14 Self Care Tips That Might Improve Your Wellbeing

Self-care is a buzzword and we have to be careful how we use it. All too often, self care habits can feel like just another overwhelming thing on a long to-do list. However, we can improve our lives when we carefully choose the self care tips that actually align with our values as well as our current needs. Self Care...[ read more ]

Self-Massage as Emotional Regulation

We hear more and more about mindfulness as a way of staying present and regulating emotion.  But finding an inviting way to connect to your own body can be a great tool to add to your toolbox.  Staying connected to our bodies can help us maintain calm, move away from distracting thoughts, and feel good. Self-massage can be a great...[ read more ]

Somatic Gratitude: A Practice with the Hands

Expressing gratitude has been shown to improve our overall mood and mental health.  We are creatures oriented toward survival, which sometimes mean that we orient towards things to be wary of.  Practicing gratitude can help you to feel more present and joyful. Sometimes it is easy to be grateful and sometimes it is more difficult. This practice involves using the...[ read more ]

Why the Most Important Part of Caring For Your Aging Parents Is Your Self-Care

It may be a cliché. But it’s a very, very accurate cliché: One day, the child becomes the parent. That’s when all the rules get flipped. Your parents lost sleep caring for you. They spend inordinate amounts of money. If needed, they re-arranged their lives over and over. Now, the tables have turned and you suddenly have to learn about...[ read more ]

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