New Year, Same Inner Critic: How to Manage

It’s that time of year again when many people have made promises to themselves. “I’m going to do more of this” or “less of that.” “I’m going to start this” or “stop that”. Even if you don’t make resolutions or set intentions, it is a natural time to pause and take inventory of the past year. As people around you...[ read more ]

Part 1: You feel pain. You’re a normal human.

Do you have trouble tolerating emotional discomfort? Over the course of this 3 part series, Felicia, a CMP clinician, will explore how this came to be and what can be done about it. In Part 1 you'll understand the importance of being with yourself, especially when you're hurting. Read Felicia's blog here. Felicia Keller Boyle loves working with clients to...[ read more ]

Addiction Recovery: 7 Reasons Why Mindfulness is Such an Effective Treatment

Most people probably don’t relate meditation to addiction recovery. However, mindfulness has become a go-to treatment for all kinds of addictions. These include addictions to drugs, sex, alcohol, gambling, Internet, food, and more. What is mindfulness? Mindfulness describes a state of being in the present moment. We release the regrets of the past and we take a break from our...[ read more ]

How to Become a Mindful Couple and Enjoy a Peaceful Marriage

To understand why it’s important to be a mindful couple, we must first explore the concept of mindfulness. Mindfulness is a: State of being Commitment to the present moment Way to detach from judgement Path to a more peaceful life Practicing mindfulness is acceptance and an understanding that life unfolds in the moment. Our thoughts drift to the past with...[ read more ]

9 Ways Mindfulness Can Help You Cope with Chronic Illness

According to the official definition, an illness is considered "chronic" if it lasts three or more months. Some of the more common chronic illnesses include: Cancer Arthritis Diabetes Stroke Obesity Chronic illnesses (in general) are: More frequent as we age Not preventable via vaccine Not cured by medication or surgery How then do we make peace with this challenging reality?...[ read more ]

I’ve got a bad feeling: Why you’re not doing it wrong when you feel bad

How can you cope with painful emotions? How do you begin to change patterns that may not be helping you anymore? Feeling bad is an inescapable part of being human. Learn some skills for taking care of yourself when things get rough. Read Felicia's blog here. Felicia Keller Boyle is a member of the CMP Intake and Web Teams and Associate Marriage...[ read more ]

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