The Value of Mindfulness Therapy for ADHD

The Value of Mindfulness Therapy for ADHD

Mindfulness therapy holds significant promise for individuals with ADHD across diverse age groups and populations. For children and teens, it can help develop attention and emotional regulation skills crucial for academic success and social interactions. In adults, mindfulness is a valuable tool for managing the challenges of daily life, reducing stress, and enhancing self-control. Couples dealing with ADHD-related issues can...[ read more ]

Guide to Mindfulness for Mental Health

Guide to Mindfulness for Mental Health

Mindfulness is a tool that anyone can learn to use to improve mental health. People who struggle with symptoms of very challenging mental health disorders can benefit from mindfulness practice. And yet, people who struggle only with the most common life challenges also find benefits from this practice. We've written about mindfulness for mental health across a variety of different...[ read more ]

How to Become a Mindful Couple and Enjoy a Peaceful Relationship

mindful couples

When someone first starts to explore the concept of mindfulness, they find a lot of information related to meditation. While that's one aspect or tool for mindfulness, the concept is much broader. It's about bringing awareness to the present moment without bringing judgment to it. So, even though a lot of mindfulness work is done individually, you can also bring...[ read more ]

Mindfulness for Work-Life Balance

Mindfulness for Work-Life Balance

There are so many different benefits to learning and practicing mindfulness. For example, do you know about mindfulness for work-life balance? So many of us struggle to balance our obligations with our joys in life, our personal and professional time. This balance is so critical to our total wellness. Mindfulness is one way to help create that balance. We Each...[ read more ]

Mindfulness for Addiction Recovery: 7 Reasons It’s An Effective Treatment

mindfulness for addiction recovery

You can use mindfulness in therapy for a variety of different types of issues. Mindfulness refers to being present with what's happening in the moment. This is a foundational step towards improving your life through many different challenges. Many people don't think about meditation or mindfulness for addiction recovery. However, it's an increasingly critical component of treatment for both substance...[ read more ]

Mindfulness For Chronic Illness: 9 Ways It Helps You Cope

mindfulness for chronic illness

Mindfulness is a practice of paying attention to the current moment. If you're suffering from the symptoms of a chronic illness, then you might think that the last thing you want to do is focus on the moment. However, there are surprising benefits of mindfulness for chronic illness. The practice can help you in a wide variety of ways. What...[ read more ]

What Is Mindfulness in Therapy? It’s More Than You Think!

what is mindfulness in therapy

Many therapists here at the Center for Mindful Psychotherapy draw upon mindfulness practices as a part of their client work. However, what does that really mean? What is mindfulness in therapy? What will it look like to speak with a therapist who incorporates this technique? Moreover, is it the right approach for you? Mindfulness in therapy means more than you might...[ read more ]

New Year, Same Inner Critic: How to Manage

It’s that time of year again when many people have made promises to themselves. “I’m going to do more of this” or “less of that.” “I’m going to start this” or “stop that”. Even if you don’t make resolutions or set intentions, it is a natural time to pause and take inventory of the past year. As people around you...[ read more ]

Part 1: You feel pain. You’re a normal human.

Do you have trouble tolerating emotional discomfort? Over the course of this 3 part series, Felicia, a CMP clinician, will explore how this came to be and what can be done about it. In Part 1 you'll understand the importance of being with yourself, especially when you're hurting. Read Felicia's blog here. Felicia Keller Boyle loves working with clients to...[ read more ]

I’ve got a bad feeling: Why you’re not doing it wrong when you feel bad

How can you cope with painful emotions? How do you begin to change patterns that may not be helping you anymore? Feeling bad is an inescapable part of being human. Learn some skills for taking care of yourself when things get rough. Read Felicia's blog here. Felicia Keller Boyle is a member of the CMP Intake and Web Teams and Associate Marriage...[ read more ]

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