Conversations with Clinicians: Julia Ward

Offerings, recommendations, inspirations Contact us to be Matched with a Therapist Neighborhood: Hayes Valley Orientation: Mindfulness-based depth therapy. “Depth,” for me, means we’re going deep inside our emotional lives to locate that part of us that knows more than we think we know. Specialties: Anxiety, difficult life transitions, people struggling with the political climate.Other Modalities that inform your work: Buddhist...[ read more ]

Conversations with Clinicians: Io Bones

Offerings, recommendations, inspirations from an Alumn Contact us to be Matched with a Therapist Neighborhood: Rockridge Orientation: Mindfulness-based, Somatic, Collaborative, Grounded in Compassion, Curiosity, and an Honest Exploration of the Present Moment Specialties: Relationship challenges in general, and alternative relationships in particular (open/poly/kink/LGBTQ). Other modalities that inform your work: Hakomi, Mindfulness, Movement & Dance, Emotionally Focused Therapy What is it...[ read more ]

Conversations with Clinicians: Olivia Fae Stadler

Offerings, recommendations, inspirations Contact Us to be Matched With a Therapist Neighborhood where you practice: Noe Valley (SF), Pacific Grove (Monterey) Therapeutic orientation: Somatic, Hakomi, Experiential, Gestalt, Attachment-based, Collaborative, Eclectic Specialties: Developmental trauma, spiritual growth, couples, kink/poly, families Other Modalities that Inform your work: Subtle Energy Medicine Loves working with with: Clients interested in mindfulness, who are curious about deepening...[ read more ]

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