Codependency in Multiple-Partner Relationships

Codependency in Multiple-Partner Relationships

Often when we think about codependency, we think about a very traditional two-person monogamous relationship. However, codependency can show up in all different types of relationships. People in open marriages, polyamorous relationships, throuples and other "non-traditional" relationships can and do deal with codependency. It just may look a little bit different than typically described. Understanding Codependency Codependency refers to an...[ read more ]

Part 1: You feel pain. You’re a normal human.

Do you have trouble tolerating emotional discomfort? Over the course of this 3 part series, Felicia, a CMP clinician, will explore how this came to be and what can be done about it. In Part 1 you'll understand the importance of being with yourself, especially when you're hurting. Read Felicia's blog here. Felicia Keller Boyle loves working with clients to...[ read more ]

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