The Crucial Role of Therapists of Color in Addressing Racism

The Crucial Role of Therapists of Color in Addressing Racism

In the face of racism and the pervasive impacts of white supremacy, seeking support from a therapist who comprehends the intricate complexities of these systemic problems is indispensable. Therapists play a critical role in helping individuals navigate the psychological and emotional effects of racism, explore racial identity, challenge internalized biases, and foster personal growth and anti-racist action. Culturally competent therapists,...[ read more ]

BIPOC Mental Health Month 2023: Culture, Community, And Connection

bipoc mental health

Mental Health America recognizes July as BIPOC Mental Health Month. This year, the theme is culture, community, and connection. This theme reflects the importance of belonging, inclusion, and relationships to individual and collective mental health. It acknowledges generational trauma and systemic racism in contributing to mental health challenges. What Is Mental Health America? Mental Health America (MHA) is a nonprofit...[ read more ]

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