6 Popular Alternatives to 12 Step Recovery

6 Popular Alternatives to 12 Step Recovery

People seeking recovery from addiction often turn to 12-Step programs because that's what they're most familiar with. However, if you find that these aren't right for you, then what are your options for recovery? Actually, there are many alternatives to 12 Step Recovery. Why Seek Alternatives to 12 Step Recovery? 12-Step Recovery, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Overeaters Anonymous, is...[ read more ]

Mindfulness for Addiction Recovery: 7 Reasons It’s An Effective Treatment

mindfulness for addiction recovery

You can use mindfulness in therapy for a variety of different types of issues. Mindfulness refers to being present with what's happening in the moment. This is a foundational step towards improving your life through many different challenges. Many people don't think about meditation or mindfulness for addiction recovery. However, it's an increasingly critical component of treatment for both substance...[ read more ]

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