The Case of the Busy Monster: What’s being so busy protecting you from?

jordana guest post being busy

This post was written by associate therapist Jordana del Feld. She shares the story of "Luna," a client (who, like always, has been anonymized to respect privacy) whose constantly-busy schedule was keeping her from dealing with underlying challenges. This explores how a therapist might gently work with this challenge using timing that is right for the client. The Case of...[ read more ]

Guess Less to Connect More by Associate Therapist Jordana del Feld

“What does it mean” is a question we love to torture ourselves with, especially in intimate relationships.

This post was written by associate therapist Jordana del Feld. In this post, therapist Jordana del Feld discusses the harmful effects of overanalyzing and guessing in intimate relationships, which often lead to anxiety. She emphasizes the importance of pausing, recognizing unknown territory, and refraining from making assumptions. Jordana encourages healthy communication with the other person involved to gain clarity and...[ read more ]

Achievemephobia and Mental Health: 10 Tips to Move Past Your Fear of Success

Achievemephobia and Mental Health: 10 Tips to Move Past Your Fear of Success

Do you have achievemephobia? That's the fancy word for fear of success. We want to achieve things in our lives ... but we also self-sabotage because (usually subconsciously) we are afraid of what will happen if we actually attain that success we're chasing. This affects many people. Moreover, there are mental health conditions and symptoms that can make it more...[ read more ]

Unusual Anxiety Symptoms and Treatments

Unusual Anxiety Symptoms and Treatments

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health conditions that people live with today. As a result, most of us know what anxiety is. Moreover, many of us know about the common treatments for anxiety. However, anxiety doesn't always present the same way for everyone. There are some unusual anxiety symptoms that you might not be aware of. Moreover,...[ read more ]

What Is The Best Type of Therapy for Anxiety?

best type of therapy for anxiety

There are many different types of therapy. In fact, most therapists practice more than one modality so that they can adjust their techniques to the needs of different clients. So, it's hard to say for sure what the best type of therapy for anxiety it is. And when you factor in that there are different types of anxiety and of...[ read more ]

What Is High Functioning Anxiety and Why You Deserve Help

high functioning anxiety

There are many different types of anxiety. And within each of them, you can exist on a spectrum in terms of the different ways that it affects you. Many people with high functioning anxiety don't even realize that they deserve help to reduce the impact of this condition in their lives. However, you do. No one should have to live...[ read more ]

7 Ways You Can Reduce Anxiety at Home

reduce anxiety

Living with anxiety can be significantly challenging. Anxiety creates physical and mental reactions that can range from irritating to downright debilitating. Luckily there, are many ways that you can reduce anxiety at home. Some of these you can do in other places as well (when standing in lines or at your workplace, for example.) While anxiety disorders may require, and...[ read more ]

What Exactly Is Anxiety And Do I Need Help For Mine?

What Exactly Is Anxiety And Do I Need Help For Mine?

We often talk about feeling anxiety. Some of us have had panic attacks, others get fearful about public speaking, and just about everyone has felt excessive worry at one time or another in life. But what exactly is anxiety? When does it rise to the level where it's an issue that could benefit from treatment? Let's get a better understand...[ read more ]

Grief: A Template (part 1)

Grief: early 13c., “hardship, suffering, pain, bodily affliction,” from Old French grief “wrong, grievance, injustice, misfortune, calamity” (13c.), from grever “afflict, burden, oppress,” from Latin gravare “make heavy; cause grief,” from gravis “weighty” (from PIE root *gwere- (1) “heavy”). Meaning “mental pain, sorrow” is from c. 1300. In 1969 Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross challenged the silencing stigma of talking about death...[ read more ]

Navigating Coverage and Reimbursement for Therapy

Let’s be real -insurance is confusing, and trying to figure out if your therapy sessions will be covered while you’re in a time of need can be overwhelming! We’ve created this short guide to demystify what each option means for mental health coverage in a clear and digestible way. Whether you have No Benefits, HSA / FSA, PPO / POS,...[ read more ]

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