Understanding ADHD and Aging

Understanding ADHD and Aging

ADHD does not discriminate based on age, and as individuals with ADHD age, they deserve understanding, support, and tailored strategies to help them thrive. By acknowledging the impact of late diagnosis, cognitive changes, and implementing effective strategies, older adults with ADHD can lead fulfilling lives and continue to make valuable contributions to their communities and families. ADHD and aging is...[ read more ]

Why the Most Important Part of Caring For Your Aging Parents Is Your Self-Care

It may be a cliché. But it’s a very, very accurate cliché: One day, the child becomes the parent. That’s when all the rules get flipped. Your parents lost sleep caring for you. They spend inordinate amounts of money. If needed, they re-arranged their lives over and over. Now, the tables have turned and you suddenly have to learn about...[ read more ]

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