Your Aging Parents and Depression: Part 2 – 9 Ways You Can Help

Aging parents and depression. What does this phrase mean to you? Hint: It’s not about how depressed we feel to watch our mother and father decline. Senior citizens often face late-onset depression. We must stay aware of this and be prepared to act. First, we must watch for some of the more common symptoms. Here are some examples: Decreased concentration...[ read more ]

Your Aging Parents and Depression: Part 1- Warning Signs to Watch For

What’s the fastest growing population in the world? If you guessed people over 65, you were right! As of now, 40 million Americans are over 65. By 2030, this population could reach 72 million. Your aging parents may be part of this senior citizen explosion. How much do we know about the mental health needs of older people? For one...[ read more ]

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