Surprises in the Therapy Room

ca therapists Share Some Things That happen in therapy that might surprise you

ca therapists Share Some Things That happen in therapy that might surprise you

Thankfully, therapy is increasingly destigmatized. More and more people understand the benefits, reap the rewards, and are open about their experiences. However, even if you’ve been to therapy before, you might be surprised to learn about some of the things that happen in the therapy room. We asked our therapists two questions related to this. We’re here today to share some of their answers.

What is one thing that happens in therapy that might surprise people?

As a therapist, you get a chance to understand the very unique experiences of each individual that you work with. However, you also get the opportunity to see patterns in human behavior, emotions, and responses. Therefore, therapists are in a great position to let us know what they know … that might surprise us about therapy!

Creativity Abounds in Therapy

Individual and couples therapist Alexa Gutierrez says that many people are surprised to discover that therapy offers the potential to reconnect to one’s creativity. Oftentimes, we think about going to therapy when things are at their worst and we just want to be “be okay.” However, many people also go to therapy when things are “okay” or even “good” but they want to expand their own potential, change their careers, explore their creativity and enjoy personal growth.

Therapy Includes Humor, Lightness, Maybe Even Boredom Sometimes

SF Bay Area Therapist Sofia Escudero says, “One thing that sometimes surprises clients is that therapy is not 100% serious and heavy all the time. In some sessions we might spend time talking about a book we both enjoyed, or chat about your favorite foods. Sometimes just connecting and sharing a relaxed moment with your therapist can be an important part of the work. It can also make you feel safer in those times when you do choose to talk about something more vulnerable.”

And relational somatic therapist Madelyn Bullard shares,

“Something that can be surprising to folks embarking on a therapeutic journey for the first time is that therapists are people too, and can have offbeat senses of humor that actually aid the therapeutic process.

I used to think that therapists should always “sit back” so that the client can take the space & move forward. While this is often true, as a relational somatic therapist I’ve come to learn that it’s not the modality that heals, but rather the relationship. Relationships are bidirectional; in other words, they are co-created by more than one participant. Humor can provide an easeful way to feel safe, seen, and to connect.

Just yesterday a client and I collaborated on a cat metaphor to describe a relational experience they were having of feeling skittish, of both wanting to connect while also needing space. Collaboratively, we extended the metaphor to describe a cat being drawn to the movement of water in a dripping faucet, yet overwhelmed when making contact with it. We both laughed, and got curious about how to relate to this critter.

Therapists are people, too: idiosyncratic, loving, and flawed, who are always on a healing journey right alongside our clients.”

Judith Orloff quote

What is something you’d be surprised that people learn by going to couples counseling?

Many people first head to therapy when their romantic relationship is in crisis. You might have some idea what to expect when going in to this type of therapy work. But, some things might surprise you. For example:

You Don’t Know Everything Yet

Individual and couples therapist Alexa Gutierrez reminds us that “There is always a wonderful detail or story to be learned about another.” We often get so locked into our stories about the people that we love that we stop seeing them for all of their different facets. We forget the excitement of getting to know them that we had in the early days and assume we already know all that there is to know. However, we don’t. Couples therapy presents the opportunity to learn something new about each other again.

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