Couples therapy: Pausing and awakening from trance

“Learning to pause is the first step in the practice of Radical Acceptance. A pause is a suspension of activity, a time of temporary disengagement when we are no longer moving toward any goal. … You might try it now: Stop reading and sit there, doing "no thing," and simply notice what you are experiencing.” ― Tara Brach When I...[ read more ]

Making Therapy More Impactful: Focusing Your Attention On Your Intention

Making Therapy More Impactful: Focusing Your Attention On Your Intention   Yes, this blog post is about therapy homework   Hi! I’m Stephanie Bain, an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. I believe therapy can be a space for insight, a space for feeling heard and understood, a space to process certain experiences, a space for you to be you. Therapy...[ read more ]

Loving Our Strategies

“It was always you I loved, not your elegant strategy. I will love you still, if you now outgrow it. I will love you more whether time moves forward or backwards. Whether ice melts or water freezes back. Whether your next move is protection, breakthrough, shift, or any combination. There are at least three ways to love you: as you...[ read more ]

Some Love For The Borderlines

Hi, I am Stephanie Bain, an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who wants to give more love to people who have or think they might have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).    Why? I conceptualize BPD as what can happen when a person suffered from attachment trauma, trauma related to childhood experiences with attachment figures, aka parents, guardians, adults in charge...[ read more ]

Conversations with Clinicians: Stephanie Bain

How can people contact you? Name: Stephanie Bain License #:  AMFT #126452 Supervisor: Dennis Reno, PhD.Lic #PSY9896 and Erin Harrell, Psy.D Lic #PSY27303 Phone number: 1-510-545-9329 Website: Email:     Where is your office located? City and neighborhood? Virtual therapy, located in Oakland, CA.    What is your therapeutic orientation? I work with an existential-humanistic, psychodynamic, attachment-based, social...[ read more ]

Conversations with Clinicians: Ayala Kalisher

Our recent interview with Ayala Kalisher, AMFT  at the Center for Mindful Psychotherapy   What is your therapeutic orientation? My approach is somatic, holistic and experiential. This means our work together is not just sitting and talking about what has been or how you want things to be. Working holistically means I recognize the connection between mind, body, spirit and...[ read more ]

In Solidarity Against Anti-Asian Racism & Violence

[caption id="attachment_3149" align="alignleft" width="226"] Illustration (attached) by artist Lauren Ys, Insta: @squid.licker[/caption] We stand in solidarity with our local Asian American Pacific Islander community, in Atlanta, the SF Bay Area and elsewhere, and those that are being targeted with hate and violence. We condemn racism and xenophobia in all its forms, and declare our opposition to these forms of intolerance...[ read more ]

What’s Your Pandemic Story?

March 15, 2020, ushered in the end of life as we knew it. March 15, 2021, seemed to arrive just as unceremoniously. We have now "sheltered-in-place" for a full year and we all deserve some attention. As we stand at the threshold of Spring and glimpse re-entry into a life more familiar, it feels complicated. There is no rule book...[ read more ]

How to Stay Mindful Over the Holidays

The holiday season can bring with it feelings of joy and togetherness, however for many it can also bring a whole host of new stressors and anxiety. Especially in 2020 with everyone dealing with the disastrous effects of Covid-19, this holiday season can be accompanied by many complicated feelings of overwhelm and stress. Whether you are seeing family this holiday...[ read more ]

End of Summer Reflection via “Flow State”

 “Flow is an optimal state in which you feel totally engaged in an activity...In a state of flow, you’re neither bored nor anxious, and you don’t question your own adequacy. Hours pass without your noticing." - Susan Cain “Surrender is a state of living in the flow, trusting what is, and being open to serendipity and surprises.” - Judith Orloff...[ read more ]

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