CA Therapists Answer: “What Inspires You Most About This Work?”

what makes therapists inspired about their work?

what makes therapists inspired about their work?

There’s a tired cliche that therapists become therapists because they need therapy. There can be a bit of truth to that, although perhaps not in the way you’d expect. Often, therapists have done a lot of their own therapy. They’ve seen how powerful the work can be, so much so that they’re inspired to help others along the same path. But once they start the work, what keeps them there? What do therapists love about therapy? What inspires them about doing this work? Some of our therapists have joined us to answer that question.

Inspiring Moments with Therapy Clients

Most therapists stay inspired by the clients themselves. Working with a person through life’s challenges, seeing their resilience, experiencing those moments of change … this keeps therapists motivated and fulfilled by the work. Here are some examples.

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Witnessing Therapeutic Breakthroughs, Healing, and Transformation

LMFT Aidan Pelly says, “There are moments when something shifts in a client, they let go of an old identification, perspective, or a sense of helplessness begins to drop away. In moments like these you can tell that in some small way things will not be the same again for them.”

Similarly, Connor Moss says, “It is a true privilege to bear witness to people as they grapple with their life and try to make sense of it all. I love it when I see someone I’ve worked with for a while finally break out of an old pattern or come to a new perspective on their life.”

Chris Swayne says, “People change! I’m inspired by late-in-life neuroplasticity, by the power of small behavioral shifts, and by how relationships (like therapy) can heal old relational wounds.”

Julia Ward adds, “There’s something really powerful about accompanying and witnessing as clients discover parts of themselves that have been hidden away or unknown.”

Similarly, Erma Kyriakos adds, “Through my time as a therapist, I find it incredibly inspiring to see noticeable, tangible shifts and changes made by clients that contribute to their overall wellbeing and leads to a more easeful, fulfilling, joyful life.”

CMP alum Io Bones says, “Most of all, I love those moments of profound joy that happen when one of my client breaks through something, letting themselves feel exactly what they feel and be exactly who they are. Even if it’s only for a moment, that experience is contagious.”

Another CMP alum, April Snow, says, “Watching people let go of limiting beliefs and begin to rediscover their authentic voice is deeply moving.”

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The Work Itself Is Satisfying

Therapists are also often inspired by the process of the therapeutic work itself. It offers them benefits in their own lives.

For example, CMP alum Io Bones says, “My work feels like a meditation to me, an invitation to really be present. I love the opportunity to truly look deeply at what we tend to avoid, because often it’s at that layer of depth that I feel most inspired by the daily magnificence involved in the simple act of being human.”

Therapist Ingrid Tsong says, “Each person I meet in this work has such a rich, unique, and deeply felt experience of the world. It is such an honor when a client will share something they have never shared with anyone else before. I feel the weight of the responsibility and sacredness of this offering, and the significance of the work is deeply meaningful to me.”

Julia Ward adds, “It’s the most demanding and fulfilling work I’ve ever done.”

Stephanie Bain says, “The work of therapy day to day and person to person is never exactly the same. Every individual is different and I am inspired and honored to bear witness to my clients’ unfolding lives.”

And Odessa Avianna Perez says, “It’s the human connection for me – being with people as they navigate the scary, the intimate, the mystery of being alive. It’s being able to put my own hardships to good use by being of service.”

The Greater Good

Many therapists also feel fulfilled by their work because of how it contributes to the greater good. It’s about change for the whole world, working one relationship at a time.

LMFT Aidan Pelly says, “I also believe that we are changing the world one person at a time and one person’s healing has far reaching effects into their family and communities.”

Stephanie Bain says, “I am inspired by the radical interconnectedness of humanity and, at the same time, the unique healing journeys we all take. I find the human condition fascinating and am deeply curious about individuals’ experiences, perspectives, and internal landscapes.”

And Dena Ehrlich adds, “I’m inspired by the community of therapists and healer-helpers I’ve met along the way.”

Therapists do this work because they find it fulfilling, inspiring, enriching and they enjoy being of service to others while engaging in human connection. Browse our therapist directory today to find the therapist who is right for you.

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