I’ve got a bad feeling: Why you’re not doing it wrong when you feel bad

How can you cope with painful emotions? How do you begin to change patterns that may not be helping you anymore? Feeling bad is an inescapable part of being human. Learn some skills for taking care of yourself when things get rough.

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Felicia Keller Boyle is a member of the CMP Intake and Web Teams and Associate Marriage & Family Therapist. Felicia loves working with clients to help them develop a more stable sense of self, make decisions based on love rather than fear, and ultimately live their best lives possible. You can reach Felicia at felicicia@mindfulcenter.org or visit her website for more info: www.psysomtherapy.org.

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #94882
Supervised by Gina Nobuko Ramos, LMFT 43359